Lady Tattoos Bola Tinubu’s Face, Name And Date Of Birth On Her Back


It’s not only celebrities who have fan love or people who look out for them Politicians have an army rooting for them as well. A certain young lady has gone viral on social media after she tattooed the face, name, and date of birth of the former governor of Lagos state Bola Tinubu on her back.

She tattoed the face of the governor wearing his signature glasses and cap and also got his full name written on her back. She called him her father and the face of Lagos. Social media users are curious about the reason behind the gesture of the young lady and have also asked if she will be rewarded for doing this.

Woman tattoos Tinubu's picture on her back hoping to get money like  Bobrisky fans | Intel Region

Over the last few weeks, the new trend in Nigeria has seen fans tattoo the name, faces of their favorite celebrities on various parts of their body to show how much they love them. Some celebrities have rewarded their fans for the gesture others have slammed them and dragged them through the mud.

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