Ladies: 10 Things To Avoid As A Petite


Being a petite woman does have its set of challenges, especially when it comes to choosing the right clothes and accessories to wear on a day to day basis.

A lot of people actually think that being petite means being able to wear anything – after all, you’re tiny and short, that means you can wear anything, right? Well, not always.

There are actually a few styles of clothes and shoes that look unflattering on you. If you’re wondering what these petite stylings don’ts are, here are the 10 things to avoid as a petite woman…

10 Fashion items petite women need to avoid

Rule #1: Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes will only make you look shorter. Horizontal stripes force the eye side to side, which will make you seem wider.

If you want to wear stripes, opt for vertical stripes or less obvious fabric details like pinstripes.

Rule #2: Avoid Thick Belts

Though a thick belt on your natural waist can create that hourglass figure, it actually cuts your body in half. This is especially true if your top and belt are both in different colours. If you really want to wear a wide belt, opt for a similar colour to your top so it somehow blends together.

Rule #3: Avoid Batwing Sleeves

You need clothes that will skim your body and make you look good – not hide it.

Choose clothes with sleeves that highlight your frame but not too tight nor too billowy.

Rule #4: Avoid Oversized Accessories

You might need to bring a large tote to work but it can make you look extremely short.

Rule #5: Avoid Big, Bold Prints

Big, bold prints may look good on a 5’10” model but the print will only overwhelm your body.

Rule #6: Avoid Calf-Length Hemlines

These dresses fall on your calves – which cut off the long line of your legs, and you wouldn’t want to cut off that height.

The rules for skirts is to wear knee-length skirts or maxi skirts – never something in between.

Rule #7: Avoid Dresses that Flare Out

Avoid dresses that flare out at the bottom such as mermaid type dresses. Choose A-line shapes that balance your figure or high-waisted dresses that elongate your legs.

Rule #8: Avoid Shoes with Ankle Straps

Never wear shoes with ankle straps if you want the appearance of longer legs. Avoid round-toe or square-toe shoes as well and opt for pointed toes that add height to your legs.

Rule #9: Avoid Culottes

Culottes and wide legged trousers come in and out of fashion but too much volume can swallow up a shorter woman, whilst culottes look good on a runway model they look stumpy on petites. If you want to go against the odds, wear heels!

Rule #10: Avoid Oversized Layering

Your tiny frame will not hold up well with too many clothes on your body. If you need to layer, wear a well-fitted shirt under a V-neck sweater, and then put on a slim jacket.

Credit: DD