How To Know When A Woman Is S*x Starved (Video)


It will amaze you to know women love sex just the same way they love money and the good things of life, there is a level of smile, happiness, excitement you will never get from a woman until you f*ck her well, i mean very well.

As a man when you notice your wife or your woman is nagging and picking offense unnecessarily on every little thing you do, check your sex performance

When a woman is sex starved, she accumulates it and before long she starts nagging, getting unnecessarily angry and reacting to every little mistake you make, there is nothing you will do that will make her happy”

Men it is advised to have constant sex with your wife, not just sex, good sex. until she is satisfied and does not want it. make her enjoy spreading her legs for you, make her look forward to another sex time with you.

Sex helps relief women of frustration, stress, etc. Sex is the best form of exercise a woman can get especially when her man is good at it. sex helps women physically, emotionally, mentally and other. knack your wife weller.

Husbands Abeg knack your wives!!!😧 if you’re a husband and you’re reading this, have you knack your wife Today….(is she saying the Truth or False)

Posted by Kingsley Akuruka on Saturday, May 4, 2019