The Kind Of P*rn Women Like To Watch

The Kind Of P*rn Women Like To Watch

Chances are, you probably watch porn, and so does every other guy you know. But in 2017, an epic year for porn, data shows that the women in your life are probably watching it too.

Pornhub recently released its year-end data for 2017, and among the many revelations found that the number of women looking up porn exploded. In fact, the search term “porn for women” increased by over 1400 percent from 2016 on the site — a staggering increase that blew other search terms away.

So why was there a sudden increase in women users? Dr. Laurie Betito, sex therapist and director of Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center, told the company that 2017 has empowered women to step up and express their desires more openly.

“From the “Me too” movement to prominent females the likes of Hillary Clinton and Nikki Haley on the world stage, women are feeling more empowered and they have found their voice,” she said. “This is a sign of things to come.”

Now the real question— what exactly is it that women are watching? Check out the graphic below, which splits the most-searched terms by gender for 2017.

As you can see, the top three most-searched terms by female users on Pornhub were “lesbian,” “lesbian scissoring” and “threesome.” Pretty different from the male’s top three, which were “milf,” “step mom” and “Japanese,” although “Japanese” ranked pretty high for females, too.

It’s also important to note that just because “lesbian” was the most-searched female term, doesn’t mean it’s only lesbian females looking it up. For example, this woman started watching porn with her husband and was surprised to discover she really enjoyed girl-on-girl.

What else? These findings present a perfect opportunity to ask how she feels about porn — and if she is into it, use that to understand what she’s really into.