Killer Who Murdered Mother Then Raped Her Daughter, 10, Sentenced To Death


A killer who brutally murdered a mother then raped and abducted her 10-year-old daughter has been sentenced to death.

Judge Don Lester ordered Donald Hugh Davidson Jr, 38, to be executed at a hearing on Wednesday, five months after Davidson waived his right to a trial and pleaded guilty to murder and sex assault charges at a hearing Jacksonville, Florida.

Prosecutor Leh Hutton said Davidson tried to rape Roseann Welsh, 35, in her home in Middleburg on December 1, 2014 – until a school bus arrived at the house. ‘(Welsh) immediately knew that was her daughter “MS” that was being dropped off. When she heard the bus stop, she essentially freaked out. She feared for the life of her child and she broke free of him.’ Davidson then attacked Welsh, strangling her with a shoelace before stabbing her in the neck three times, according to First Coast News.

Donaldson pleaded guilty to charges of murder and sex assault and waived his right to a jury trial in May


After killing Welsh, Hutton said ‘(Davidson) came out into the kitchen and found “MS” at the kitchen table doing her homework. He proceeded to drop his pants and tell her to “strip” – his words.’ The girl’s father, who Davidson reportedly knew since childhood, walked out of the courtroom in disgust amid prosecutors narration of the sexual assault.

Adorable moment toddler brings his sanitation worker friend bottle of water on hot day Prosecutors said the victim’s son, then 13, came home while Davidson was in the house, but he locked the boy out and told him that his mother was not home. He ordered the boy to go to a friend’s house. The teen later returned and found his mother dead. Authorities say Davidson then kidnapped the girl in the family’s van and continued to sexually assault her. He later dropped her off near the home.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson said the horrific case ‘shocked the conscience of Clay County.’ Davidson was ultimately charged with first-degree murder, attempted sexual battery of a victim older than 12 with force, plus four counts of sexual battery of a victim younger than 12, lewd and lascivious molestation, kidnapping and grand theft.



Donaldson cut this ankle monitor off before kidnapping Welsh’s daughter. He had previously been convicted of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman in 2010 and molestation in  At the Wednesday sentencing, Lester said: ‘The court finds the aggravating factors heavily outweigh the mitigating circumstances… The court concludes the appropriate sentence is death.’ Davidson’s attorney, Mark Wright, said: It is a sad day for everyone. No one won here.’ ‘Mr. Davidson has never wavered in his position of taking responsibility and being held accountable. And quite frankly he is not surprised that this day happened the way it did.’


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