Innocent Tino: Foxes In the Hen’s House


She trusted you because she saw in you a friend
Allowed you into her secrets
Lower her emotional walls
You took advantage of her in her weakness
Drugged and rapped her
Telling her secrets to the world
You are a fox in the hens house

He believed in you as a brother
Left his wife with you and travel abroad
For greener pastures
You seduced his wife
Impregnate her and made her your wife
Both of you squandered the money
He sent down after toiling in the cold
Foxes in the hens house

You took her from the village
She knew nothing
Promised her parents you were going to
Put her in School
Now you trade her to sleep with men for money
She has done six abortions so far
The money she makes, you spend
Now her life is useless
Foxes in the hens house

She took you to her see her fiance
The wedding day is next week
You lied against her to her fiance
He broke up the marriage plan
And finally married you
You believe you are happy
While she is now a mad woman on the street
Because she lost her mind after your deeds
Foxes in the hens house .

This foxes in the hens house of many
Shall definitely meet their waterloo
The corn shall be ripe someday soon
And the harvester will make corn wine with it
Happy not , you wicked fox
That hen will suffer your stab for a while
But will regain again
You will be finally killed
By the lion in the wilderness
When you are about to eat the hen
You shall not go unpunished
Your flesh shall be shared in the field
Your blood a pool in the desert
That day will come soon .



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