‘Incredibles 2’ Voice Actors And Characters Revealed | Photos

'Incredibles 2' Voice Actors And Characters Unveiled | Photos

Disney has revealed more details on the newcomers to the cast of Pixar’s upcoming superhero sequel, Incredibles 2.

The company unveiled the new additions with a Google Arts & Culture-esque social media post comparing the actors to stylized sketches of the roles they’ll play.

For one, the super-fast Dash, played by Spencer Fox in 2004 original, has been recast with the age-appropriate Huckleberry “Huck” Milner; his sister Violet, however, is still being voiced by author Sarah Vowell, because she’s just always sounded like that.

Additionally, Jonathan Banks is on board to round out the cast as Rick Dicker, an ally of the Parr family who heads up the government program that keeps superheroes a secret. Dicker, who appeared in the first movie, was originally voiced by Bud Luckey.

According to a character breakdown by The Hollywood Reporter, Winston is described as a big fan of superheroes who wants to bring them out of hiding via a revamped public relations strategy, while Evelyn is a tech genius who can design a solution to any problem.

Incredibles 2 suits up for action on June 15.

See  the sketches for the movie’s new additions down below: