Lagos Big Girl, Yinka Aka Wizzybarbie Fights Off Trolls Who Accused Her Of Snatching Her Friend Kachi’s Husband


Looks like today is a day of calling out on the street of Lagos snapchat…. This story you are about to read is like the drama continuation of Teju, Berbiedoll and Deola Diadem but with another twist .

So earlier today we exclusively reported how a slayqueen Teju called out a fellow slayqueen Diadam and made some allegations about what she said Now Teju’s new friend Yinka aka Wizzybarbie has been somehow dragged into this gist .

Wizzybarbie is a popular name on the street of Lagos, she runs a boutique called Yinx Bottega and has a daughter from her previous relationship with Segun wizzy… Her gist floated on blogs few years back when she shockingly called out her baby daddy Segun and accused him of physically and emotionally abusing her .. She also shared photos from the assault to back up her claim.. The story was shocking as the pair were couple goals to many due to how they flaunted their love on Instagram .

Well back to Yinka and why she’s dragged into the story… Now Yinka used to be bestie to Deola (diiadem), and Queen, they were so close they could pass as sisters… Along the line, Yinka fell out with the duo (Queen and Deola) …. Deola and Queen also has another friend called Kachi who has 2 kids with her ex-fiance called Faz, they were reportedly engaged and had an introduction ceremony.

When Yinka’s relationship with Segun packed up, she was said to have moved on and started dating Kachi’s baby daddy.This did not sit well with many..The new couple seem to be in love and they tried to keep their relationship on the low.

Another twist is, Kachi used to be Teju’s friend but it looks like they fell out and now Teju is Yinka’s bestie who is dating Kachi’s baby daddy… Messy? Now this is where Yinka got dragged in into the fight. When Teju called out Deola, a fake page stormed Yinka’s Dm and rained abuses on her calling her a husband snatcher and that she ruined Kachi’s home .Yinka claims she dint know Faz .
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