D.L. Hughley Says Cardi B Can Go Into Politics And Win Because America No Longer Care About Voting Someone With Experience


Cardi B has said that she wants to be a politician and comedian D.L. Hughley thinks there’s a possibility she’d win because, according to him, U.S. voters can vote anyone, even someone without experience.

Hughley is not a fan of President Trump and he told TMZ that when America elected a “game show host for a president” all hope was gone. He said this is proof that knowledge and experience in politics no longer matter at all to the public.

He begrudgingly admits that this means Cardi B could win office if she’s serious about politics.

Not pleased about this fact, D.L. points out that several other professions would not hire someone with zero experience, yet, voters seem willing to put anyone in high public office.

Hughley makes it clear he wouldn’t vote for Cardi B but he says, if she’s serious, there’s never been a better time for celebs to run.

Watch him make the statement in the video below.