How To Get A Bigger And Firmer Br*asts


This try and tested exercise works for firmer and bigger breasts when done around five to ten minutes everyday for a few weeks.

Some ladies desire firmer and fuller breasts for a fuller or more matured looking bust area, to make for an alluring cleavage and for clothes to fit more around the area.



 A simple circular massage around area of the breast enhances the shape and size. This simple guide shows how to the exercise the breasts to make them bigger and firmer.

1. Start by pumping into the armpits up and then relax (the node-like place up inside the armpit). Do this up to five to ten times at once.

2. Move on to the breasts and gently massage by grabbing them holding the entire area (breasts) towards the armpit in an upwards and downwards movement then release.  Do this like five to ten times at once.

(This method works for when there are breast pains especially around the time of the month)

3. Use one hand to lift the entire breast and the palm of the second hand to pump the area towards the collarbone and gently massage up and down.

Watch the instructional video to see how to do this properly in easy steps.




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