How To Rock & Slay With Sneakers On Skirts & Dresses | See Photos

How To Rock & Slay With Sneakers On Skirts & Dresses | See Photos

You can go for the boyish look even when wearing skirts and dresses. A Lots of ladies don’t know how to pull off sneakers with skirts and dresses but it’s very easy as long as the sneakers fit your outfit. Sneakers can now replace your high heels for a casual chic look.

You can wear your sneakers with dresses on and above the knee as well as with maxi dresses or skirts Although the sneakers are more flattering when you show a bit of leg by wearing a mini skirt/dress or even a maxi with slits.

Make sure your look doesn’t go wrong by balancing right proportion, giving it a whimsical twist and you’ll look good. Keep your sneakers non athletic.  The first thing to do with this trend is to dump your socks for ankle length socks (that are not visible.)

Next, to be on the safe side, avoid high top sneakers it’s advisable to go with the low tops they are easier to wear with skirts and dresses than the high tops.

How to wear: Sneakers with skirts and dresses

So, the rules are:

• Shirt dresses, flared skirts and chambray dresses can be paired easily with sneakers

• You can wear your sneakers with dresses or skirts with prints and patterns. You can even try colour blocking.

• You can pair them with a denim or leather jacket.

• If you have long legs, it’s advisable to go for high tops while people with short or normal legs can go for low tops. (Shorter ladies can also go for skirts or dresses a hemline above the knee it tends to flatter their body more.)

• Make sure your sneakers are in good condition

• Go for bright coloured sneakers if your outfit has a neutral colour palette.

• You can wear your sneakers with a chiffon dress or skirt.

• Match your sneakers with your jewellery.

• Get accessorized sneakers with studs, fun laces and jewel tones.

See how these ladies wore theirs and get inspired: