How To Reduce Changes Of Vaginal Infection


The Vagina as any other part of the body is susceptible to infections if managed recklessly. If infected can be irritable, uncomfortable and maybe even unbearable. It is true that the common means by which to contact a vaginal infection is through unprotected sex if the partner is affected, however, there are several other means simpler than sex such as; using a public rest room, using a dirty towel, fostering and encouraging poor hygiene around the said area.

As women, we are the managers of our bodies especially our most sacred and intimate areas. Making sure that the Vagina is not invaded should be part of our primary concern during bathing, personal care and grooming. If any abnormalities are noticed, it is important to address it pronto! It will reduce your risk of spreading and challenging a tougher combat.

Managing your Vagina (1)

Vaginal infection signs

Again, the body being intelligent informs you about abnormalities via symptoms. Vaginal infections can be detected based on some common symptoms that usually appear around the start of the infection, such as;

Vaginal odor
Burning sensation
Painful urination or intercourse
Discharge that is greenish, yellow, pinkish, or white – with or without an odor.

Any one or combination of the above listed symptoms could indicate vaginal infection. It is important that once detected, an immediate appointment to see your doctor is arranged for further investigations.

How to eliminate or reduce the chances of you suffering a vaginal infection:

1.) Wear cotton underwear:

Underwear made from 100% cotton can help keep you dry, absorbing moisture whilst protecting you from many vaginal infections.

2.) Foster Vaginal hygiene:

Vaginal hygiene daily is one of the paramount ways of reducing the risk of infection. Wash the area gently and regularly but not with soap as this may distort the PH balance naturally found there. It is advisable to rinse your bottom and pat dry at every visit to the restroom, but in the absence of the luxury, wipe from front to the back with a clean wipe or tissue. Remember that powders, bubble baths, soaps, douches, moisturizers and perfumed deodorants can all alter the PH balance of your Vagina.

 3.) Avoid tight clothing:

Wearing loose panties and clothing in general will allow air through preventing humid and moist environments for yeast to thrive.

 4.) Reduce and possibly desist from using douches:

It is healthier to wash the virginal wall wit just clean warm water to maintain its PH levels and prevent future health challenges.