How to handle a cheating partner


When someone gets married, they hope to ride into the sunset and live happily ever after, but that’s a fairytale that never happens in reality. Couples usually start out crazy in love, and they feel that it will last forever. Even if they know that feeling can start to fade, at least they expect a loyal partner by their side.

How to handle a cheating partner

this may look like an obvious question, but nowadays, the definition of cheating is as vague as it gets. Some people think of cheating as a physical activity with someone other than your spouse, while to some, there is a gray area, and that’s emotional cheating. Many people have different standards for emotional cheating; some of them may include:

  • Flirting with another person
  • Touching other people
  • Talking or meeting with an ex
  • Buying gifts for other people
  • Going out on a date with another person
  • Going to clubs and dancing with other people
  • Talking to other people online
  • Asking for phone numbers 

As you can see, some are worse than others. Some people might not care about any of the above behaviors, while others consider them cheating. It is all about perspective and the emotional strength of your relationship.

Signs of cheating

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you don’t have to play the jealous partner card; it would only make your partner resent you. Instead, you need to take note of some signs and interpret these signs to know if you have to end the relationship or have an honest chat with your spouse. Here are some common signs that might indicate your spouse is cheating:

1. You can’t reach them most times, and they’re frequently unavailable.

2. The intimacy in your relationship has decreased significantly.

3. They’re hiding their phones and guarding them well, especially if this is a change from past behavior.

4. They’re going out with ‘friends’ more often than normal.

5. They over-explain their whereabouts. Liars tend to give too much information in an attempt to cover up their deeds without a trace.

6. They always claim to be working late.

Again, because your partner exhibits behaviors on the list above don’t necessarily mean they’re cheating; they might be telling the truth. Each person is different; if you feel that something is wrong, pay attention to that. Our gut feelings are right most of the time.

If you catch your partner cheating, here are several ways to go about it:

1. If the situation is terrible and you feel there is no way to forgive, it’s best you let them go to avoid further problems.

2. If you are sure of your partner’s love for you and you feel the same way, you can give it a second chance. Still, before you do, both of you have to sit down and talk, keep an open line of communication, take responsibility, spend quality time together and keep your promises.

3. Going to couples’ therapy can help you and a cheating partner resolve your conflict.

Getting over cheating is not something that can happen overnight; you and your partner have to relentlessly try to rebuild trust in your relationship for things to work out. Cheating doesn’t have to be the end of a relationship; you can work it out.