How My First Orgasm Resets My S*xual Mentality


Having orgasm for the first time actually did a good thing in my sexual thinking.

As a young girl that have being into sexual relationships, I always feel that the main thing about sex is to make your man happy not knowing that there is something like a woman reaching orgasm. I never knew a woman needs to be satisfied i.e. getting to the climax in sexual intercourse until I met Segun.

Being an igbo girl that have dated only guys from my tribe, I never liked dating any other tribe. Segun came to my life and made me to understand that tribes does not matter when u truly love someone.

I met Segun in a film house where I went to watch a movie with my friend. I was at the ticketing counter when he walked up to me looking so cute and neatly dressed in his fendi casual outfit. His smiles was so enticing….

Segun: hi

Me: Hi

Segun: my name is Segun, what’s yours?

Me: chidimma but you can call me mma.

Segun : nice name, sorry to disturb you, I saw when u walked in with your friends, I like you, can I get your phone number so that I can give you a call later to avoid delaying you for your movie.

Me: Sure

I gave him my phone number and he promised to call, we parted.


I got home that evening expecting his call and boom a call came in and it was Segun. I was happy he called but don’t want to show my excitement because it feels weird to be happy that someone I just met is calling  me.

We started talking and it feels as if we have known each other for a long time. After that night our friendship continued, being that I was not in any relationship as of then.

We went on different dates, he makes a good company and I noticed he is happy whenever am happy but anytime he brings up commitments in the relationship I always declined telling myself how I can’t even have sex with a Yoruba guy.

One day he invited me to his house for the first time after three months of going out with him and I accepted his invitation God!! he was so happy.

On that Saturday evening, I dressed casually in my fitted short denim dress and sneakers. I applied a light make up and dashed out of the house.  Getting to his four bedroom duplex that was so lavishly furnished and so neatly kept. He asked me to sit down and brought out a bottle of champagne with two glasses. We drank and ate the stir fry veggies and barbecue chicken he prepared.

He talked about a lot of things and he brought up a topic about guys that does not know how to make a woman reach orgasm. I asked him what he meant by that, that sex is all about satisfying your man to avoid him looking out. Segun told me women also needs to be satisfied for the intercourse to be a happy one. He now asked me if I have ever reached orgasm and I said no that lets just drop the topic. He said, “baby am going to make u cum, I will take you to a beautiful part of the world that u don’t know that exist”. I was like who told you am ever going to have sex with…….a kissed landed on my lips before i finished my statement and I grabbed it so passionately that I got soooooo wet…


He released me and said, “We want each other, I know you have feelings for me let me give us a memorable night”. I couldn’t say anything but kissed him and he swiped me off my feet, carried me to the bedroom and laid me on his king sized bed. “He kissed every part of my body while undressing me and I watched him undressed himself”.

Seeing his fully erected well sized dick and a nice pinkish cap I just can’t wait to have him. He started kissing and caressing my body going down to my private part, I was liked what’s he doing and immediately he planted his tongue on my clit and that was the first time a guy is giving me a head. He was so good licking up all my juicy p*ssy, my legs started shaking and I felt a rush to pee but he refused to let me go. I have never had that kind of experience, instead of leaving me he went deeper with whatever it is that he is doing down there that is making all my body to shake at this point I was already screaming, crying and holding him so tight, it was a happy and a memorable experience that almost stopped immediately and he said, “happy Cumming baby”, I just kissed him and he slides his dick in my p*ssy and he did a wonderful job.

Ever since that day, it changed my sexual mentality that good sex is when the both partners enjoyed and reach their climax. It makes one feel good and relaxed and this is one thing men does not know, learn how to satisfy your woman, make her reach her climax (orgasm) it is very important so that both of you will be happy.

Story by Amarajuliet