How To Determine The Sex Of Your Child (Video)


Men out there should know that they are the sole parties responsible for passing on the genetic codes to determine if a child is male or female. It is a simple fact of biology: the Xx combination of sperm and egg create a female; the Xy are male. All eggs are X. Sperm can be either X or Y. So don’t blame us for the child’s sex; it’s really up to you. Now I’m going to explain in very simplistic terms the ways you can actually turn the odds in favor of your choice of girls or boys.

Conception takes place in the fallopian tube with the first sperm to reach and penetrate the surface of the egg. Thus conception is the result of a race amongst millions of little swimming sperm to reach the single available egg. (A small percentage women ovulate on both sides simultaneously and have a higher propensity to create fraternal twins).

There are two kinds of sperm: the androsperm or male-genetic-code-carrying version and the genosperm or female. Determining the sex of your child has to do with taking advantage of the unique characteristics of each. Here are those we can easily manipulate:

  • Male sperm are smaller and swim faster. But like the hare versus the turtle,males don’t swim as far and don’t last very long. Consider them the sprinters.
  • The female sperm are larger and slower. They can last up to 36 hours in some vaginal environments. Call them the long-distance runners.
  • Men tend to increase the ratio of XX and XY in the “load” when there has been an extended period of abstinence. This has been shown over the years where the first generation of children after men have been away at war have a higher portion of males than the long-term average. What to do? There are five things to remember:
  • Penetration – The closer the point at which the “load” (the ejaculate) is delivered to the egg the more likely the XY will win the race. So guys, to make boys, stick it all the way in when you reach climax.
  • Timing – If the load is delivered before the egg is available the XY will die off and the XX will be there waiting. Ovulation usually takes place around the 14th day of the cycle (measured by as day one being the start of the menstrual period). To make boys, make an appointment on the 14th day. If you really want to be specific get a thermometer and wait until her temperature rises slightly.

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18+ How to determine the sex of your child

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Posted by GlobalTake on Saturday, September 28, 2019