How To Compliment Your Lace With A Handbag, Wrapper And Head-wrap Having Similar Colors


Most women are too conversant with combining colors when it comes to handbags or clutch purses, wrapper and even head-wraps. Some even appear on same color all through because they feel combining other similar colors won’t go well.

With this article, I will be showing you how to combine colors to appear radiantly beautiful and gorgeous. As a woman, there must be a time when you will need to appear on a wrapper, handbag and headwrap to an event or occasion.

When combining colors when it comes to wrapper, handbag and head-wraps, you should bear the following things in mind;

1. Make sure all colors on your dress goes with the colors you will be using for your wrapper, handbag or even your head-wraps. The colors may not really be exactly the same but they should be similar and almost the same.

2. You should not combine more than 2 to 3 colors on one outfit at a time.