How My Cheating Husband Became Faithful To Me


There is this saying that all men cheats, well that’s true because my husband once cheated on me not minding that he loves me.

Victor and I got married in the year 2010, he was a very caring and loving man and I loved him so much too.

As time goes on, everything about our relationship was normal and smooth but all of a sudden he changed drastically. Started keeping late nights and gives excuses anytime I asked for sex.

In my mind I knew something is wrong somewhere but cannot say what it is. I asked him what is happening, what did I do wrong, if I offended him but he said I didn’t do anything wrong.

One day I went to the mall to buy groceries, guess who I ran into? My husband kissing a lady in his car. I moved closer so he can see me and also know that I saw him in the act and I left the place immediately.

He came back home almost immediately, I served him food pretending as if nothing happened. Anytime he tried bringing up the issue I will just bring up another topic.

The next day I called one of my friend to ask for her brother in-law’s favour to help me make my hubby jealous. The guy agreed and he is very cute and rich so he fits. I told him my plans, to pretend as if we are dating and he acted more than I expected.


Every Friday evening I will leave the house and go to my friends place and the in-law will drop me and I always make sure my hubby will see him giving me a light kiss on my lips and this continued for 3 weeks because I want him to know that am still desirable to men. Am in my thirties still looking hot and sexy.

So one night he woke me up and said, baby please we need to talk, am tired of this whole thing. I know I have offended you and am deeply sorry, it was my friends that lead me into cheating on you and I regretted listening to them. He cried so deeply that night apologising to me, well I forgave and also let him know that all I did was just to make him jealous. He said, “I thought I have lost you to that guy”.

We forgave each other and ever since then he has been so faithful and a wonderful man to me and the kids.

Story by Amarajuliet @globaltakenews