Hair Tips: Perfect Ways To Maintain And Keep Your Low Cut Glowing

Hair Tips: Perfect Ways To Maintain And Keep Your Low Cut Glowing

Low hair cut seems to be the in thing for ladies today as they have chosen to flaunt their natural hair than adding any form of hair extension.

Natural hair needs a lot of care and daily routines to bring out its shine and glow, else you won’t rock the beauty that comes with it.

Below are perfect ways to take care of your low cut and bring out its glow:

1. Add a spray bottle to your morning routine.

Bedhead can be ruthless on short hairstyles. Spritz with a little water and comb your hair back into the intended style.

2. Use a little amount of hair product.

A little gel can go a long way toward taming short hair. If you have straight hair, gel or a texturizing spray can also fix the flat look that some short hairstyles fall into.

3. Experiment with your washing frequency.

Hair length does not affect your scalp’s oil production. However, short hair may get stiff or clump into spikes as soon as it gets slightly greasy. If this happens, wash slightly more often than you did with long hair.

4. Use less shampoo and conditioner.

Short hair does not need much conditioner since your natural oil can easily spread to the tips of the strands. People with dry hair types may also need to reduce the amount of shampoo since overuse can cause dry, damaged hair or an irritated scalp.

  • A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is an easy way to reduce the amount of conditioner you use.
  • “Anti-frizz” or “smoothing” shampoo may help if you have trouble keeping your new hairstyle under control.

5. Be careful when blow-drying.

Avoid heating your hair because blowing-drying tends to frizz and stick up your hair, so It’s best to let it air dry. If you do blow dry it, keep it on low heat and brush with a big, round brush as you dry.

  • If you want to add volume to your hair, scrunching gives a more even result than blow-drying.

6. Make different styles.

Although short hair takes less time to style, its appearance can change rapidly as your hair grows out. Be willing to part your hair in different places, trim your bangs, or try other experiments to keep your hair looking good throughout.

7. Always visit your barber for a trim.

The fact you are on a low cut doesn’t mean a ‘bye bye’ to salons, NO. You need a trim every 4-6 weeks, and a full hair cut every two or three months. Leaving it without trimming will only impend its glow and make it grow into a bowl cut.