Habits That Hurts Your Teeth

Beautiful woman smile. Dental health care clinic.

There are many common/lifestyle habits that are harmful to dental health and general hygiene apart from not brushing or flossing often that can cause decay.

Dental health should be catered to as ensuring it’s in top shape helps keep teeth sparkling white, avoid cavities and ensure teeth are/stay strong without a risk of decaying.

There are however habits/lifestyle choices that harm dental health and these are usually paid little or no attention to:

1. Chewing on ice blocks

A lot of people chew on ice cubes/blocks after drinking, in between drinking and for some it’s a habit! Chewing ice erodes the enamel and some cases ‘fractures’ it (this can only be detected via microscopic means) and generally weaken the teeth as well as numb it.

As much as possible stay away from taking so much ice as it messes with the entire mouth in the end. Use straes to take drinks and leave ice to melt before taking.

2. Grinding the teeth

Grinding the teeth against each other is another common habit (some people do this when stressed, nervous/habitual) that damages the teeth creating oral complications at the end of the day. It a bad habit which shouldn’t continue so as not to end up with broken and infected tooth and gum.

3. Tongue piercing/tooth gems/jewelry

Tongue piercing

Piercing the tongue/accessorizing the mouth in different ways makes the mouth prone to infections as well as damage to the teeth and gums.

4. Wine (especially white)

Acid in white wine especially (red wines are known for staining the teeth) eats away the enamel making teeth open to stains. The solution is to eat cheese with wine (to reduce acidity) or better still gargle mouth with water after drinking to reduce the acidity.

5. Chewing candy, gums and even vitamins!

(But of course!) Sweets, candies and even vitamins (and ‘sweet drugs’) and all the sugary bit they contain stay on the teeth causing cavities and may degenerate to spoil teeth.