Girl Who Was Raped By Her Police Father, Locked Up By The Police After They Turned Against Her


Police Officers are expected to save the rights of the individuals by helping them in getting justice for the atrocities the victims have faced.

But this case seems opposite to this as, at Isebania police station, the officers have now made into the news for throwing a defiled minor into a cell who had gone to report a case against her father who was a police officer.

The troubled 12-year-old girl accused her father of defiling her on November 1 at their home in Nyabohanse town after he tried to lure her into his bedroom.

The victim informed that her attempts to have her father arrested were worthless after officers turned against her and as a result, they locked her in a cell to cover all the evidence of the charges she charged against her father.

The girl informed that her father lured her into his bedroom and defiled her that afternoon.

I was washing utensils when he came home that morning. He called me to his bedroom as he wanted me to do some shopping for breakfast. I was helpless as he forced me on his bed and committed the act,” she added.

After her father’s misconduct, she ran out of the house crying and went to Police Station and reported the case to a female officer who instead of detaining her father, persuaded her to forgive her father.

Later on, she was transferred to the Isebania Police Station and was put into a cell and from there she was taken to a hospital where she underwent various tests.

She remained in police custody for the crime she never committed and was forced to share the premises with adult inmates.

According to her mother, her reports have been tampered by the hospital staff which has made her case weak.

The present situation is quite terrible for the girl as the judge has ruled out that due to lack of evidence the case might get suspended.

Although the investigation is under process, it seems impossible for this girl to win her case.