Former Students’ Union Leader And Activist, Abdul Mahmud Claims Buhari Is Desperate, The Threat To Shut Down Nigeria’s Internet Over #EndSARS Protest Is Real


Former Students’ union leader and activist, Abdul Mahmud has lent his voice to the #EndSARS movement which has been revitalized in the last few days. 

In a tweet he shared, Mahmud alleged that President Buhari is desperate and ”the threat to shut down Nigeria’s internet over the #EndSARS protest is real.”

He tweeted; 

Buhari is desperate. The threat to shut the internet is real. I mentioned it to protesters on Saturday. It is the last dice of this irresponsible government. Time to start exchanging telephone numbers! #SARSMUSTEND

We must resist the shutting down as it will imperil small businesses, hospitals that depend on the net for specialist online services, and cripple our economy. Buhari doesn’t care; but we must force him to care! Nation-building isn’t about exercising naked power!

Buhari is desperate, the threat to shut down Nigeria

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