Five Natural Homemade Face Masks To Try This Weekend


There are so many recipes you can try out, whether you want to brighten, get rid of dark spots or hydrate your skin. Pick your struggle and deal with that.

Below are a few of our favorite face masks worth trying during this pandemic season.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Skin

1. Turmeric, plain yoghurt and honey mask: This is a great hydrating and brightening mask that you should try out. Turmeric is especially great when you’re battling hyperpigmentation. It will rejuvenate your skin and clear out dark circles and spots. Yoghurt deeply moisturizes your skin and eases the fine lines and wrinkles due to its antiaging properties. Honey, on the other hand, is also a great moisturizer that will leave you glowing after every ‘spa’ session.

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Mix about one spoon of each ingredient and apply the mixture onto a clean face and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Remember that turmeric can stain most things it comes into contact with so you should be careful when handling this mask. It is advisable that you do this while in the shower and to use an old towel or wear an old t-shirt and use gloves to apply.

2. Potato, honey and tomato mask: These simple ingredients are great for acne treatment. The juice from potatoes and tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties which work to ease acne breakouts. Honey balances out the mixture by hydrating your skin because this particular mask can be a little drying. Prepare the mask by blending some potatoes and tomatoes into a pulp them add some honey to the mixture. Apply it onto a clean face and let it sit for around 20 minutes. Repeat this process a couple of times a week.

3. Milk powder face mask: Most people aren’t aware of the amazing benefits of milk powder when it comes to skincare. It cleanses, brightens, moisturizes and enhances collagen production, just to name a few. Customize your mask by adding some lemon and natural yogurt or use milk powder, honey and turmeric. With each recipe, make sure you have a paste with a good consistency that you can easily spread on your face. Let it stay on for a few minutes and repeat this a few times a week.

4. Lemon juice face mask: Lemons are probably the best-known natural liquid exfoliators. Lemon juice will clear your skin for an even skin tone and it’ll also keep infections away because of its antibacterial properties. Because of its acidic nature, lemon juice can dry out the skin when used too often. Also, for some people with extremely sensitive skin, it can cause some irritation. You shouldn’t apply the lemon mask too often and always moisturize your skin after rinsing it off.

5. Banana and oatmeal face mask: Oatmeal and bananas help to repair skin and heal scars. Banana also does a great job at moisturizing the skin and they also have some anti-ageing properties. Add some honey to the mixture to ease the application process as well as get some of its revitalizing benefits for your skin. This rich mask will leave your skin feeling smooth and extra soft.