Fetty Wap’s Wife Seeking To Divorce The Rapper


It’s been only two months since rapper Fetty Wap quietly got married to Leandra K Gonzalez but the marriage has hit the rocks already.

According to reports, Leandra began considering divorcing Fetty Wap since the first week they got married, due to claims of cheating and abuse.

Things were going OK with the couple until they got married and Fetty Wap immediately began showing his “true colors”.

The 28-year-old rapper, who has at least 7 children with 6 different baby mamas, has reportedly been cheating on Leandra. He is also in a relationship with another woman.

Asides the claims of infidelity, it is also alleged that Fetty Wap has been abusing Leandra physically, emotionally and mentally. Leandra, who has endured “a lot of emotional distress” now wants out of the marriage. She is already in talks with her legal team though it’s been claimed Fetty is reluctant about going through with the divorce.

Speculations that all is not well with their marriage began when they both deleted each other’s photos from their respective Instagram accounts.

Leandra then confirmed the split while responding to a comment about Masika Kalysha, one of Fetty’s baby mamas.

She said she and Fetty Wap are “legally married” but “we are not in a marriage”. She also added, “Issa divorce party lol.”