Facebook And Instagram Will Block Under-18s From Viewing Sexually Explicit Content From 2020


Facebook and Instagram will block under-18s from viewing sexual content from as early as next year, it has been claimed.

The social networks plan to ‘age-gate’ several types of sexually explicit content for users across the globe from the beginning of 2020.

Teenagers under the age of 18 will be banned from viewing sexualised adverts, fictional depictions of sex and artistic portrayals of nudity or sex acts, among others, the Daily Telegraph reports.

But the restrictions, which are due to come in on both platforms, will rely solely on teenagers inputting their own ages, making it easy for them to lie and view inappropriate content anyway.

Under the new measures, underage users will get an error message if they declare they are under 18 and try to load sexual content.

Facebook and Instagram plan to ‘age-gate’ several types of sexually explicit content from the beginning of 2020. File image used

But with more than 60,000 UK Facebook users under the age of 12 when the age restriction is 13, they could prove fruitless.

The new rules concern certain types of sexual content, but do not apply to overtly explicit content, which is already widely banned.