Excessive S*x Illnesses


Lovemaking can be pleasurable yet painful at the same time. We’ve heard all sorts of myths about the dangers of lovemaking and physical pleasure. Though most claims are not true, however, there is a few health problem that can occur after excessive lovemaking. They include:

Pulled Muscles
Anyone who has a lot of lovemaking risks this unless they are a fantastic athlete. All of the enthusiastic and quick movements take a toll on the body. You may have a muscle strain if you suddenly feel a sharp pain when you move in a certain way. The affected area can look red or swollen. The muscles in the backs and thighs are particularly likely to get injured.

Like any other muscle strain, pulled muscles caused by lovemaking require rest to heal. You may need to stop love activities or choose positions that do not use the affected muscle.

Chafed Private Parts
Any sort of repetitive friction can damage delicate skin. This is especially likely to happen if you and your partner do things roughly or quickly. Both men and women can suffer from minor tears, swell, or irritated skin. However, it is more common among women because their private parts are more fragile. These sorts of issues can just cause mild pain while peeing or making more love. If a couple has a really excessive amount of lovemaking, though, this chafing can make it uncomfortable to move.

If this happens to you, do not stress. It can be scary to feel so much discomfort down there, but it heals easily with time.

Toe Cramps
During lovemaking, there are a lot of intense nerve signals to contract muscles in the pelvis. This might seem beneficial, but it causes many people to experience cramps. After a few lovemaking sessions, many women experience painful toe cramps. This happens because the nerves in the spinal cord that affect the pelvis can also stimulate nerves in the feet.

Toe cramps tend to stop after a few minutes. You can ask your partner to gently massage your feet until the muscles and nerves quit acting up.

Urinary Tract Infections
This condition is so often caused by excessive lovemaking that it is often called “honeymoon cystitis.” Urinary tract infections happen whenever any excess bacteria gets into the urinary tract. It can then travel up to the kidneys, causing fever, backaches, and pain when urinating. It is possible to get a urinary tract infection even as a virgin, but normally lovemaking is the cause. This happens because the urethra that is the entrance to the urinary tract is right by the reproductive entrance. Lovemaking, especially if it happens over three times in a night, can cause bacteria to enter the urethra.

They might be painful, but fortunately, urinary tract infections are very easy to treat or prevent. Women with a urinary tract infection should drink a lot of unsweetened cranberry juice.

Credit: DD