#EndSARSMemorial: Falz Interview With Arise TV (Video)



Lagos CP after seeing the car procession by heroic Nigerian youths will be confused and won’t know what to do.
He said protest is not allowed, and in their usual manner the Nigeria Police Fraud have put on their war regalia to confront unharmed protesters, but they have forgotten that Nigerian youths are smarter than them.
They should arrest people in their cars and show us where it is a criminal offence to be driving your car while holding Nigeria flag.

Ponmo and boli zombified youth with zero sense are also shocked with the dynamic initiative way of protest by reasonable Nigerian youths.

The Country is our own!
We can be cowed into silence!!
We can’t bow to oppressors!!!

To those who lost their lives fighting for what was right on October 20 2020, you are not forgotten.
We appreciate your sacrifice!
We value your selflessness!!!!
We will keep fighting on and you won’t die in vain.

They can kill freedom fighters they can’t kill FREEDOM!!!