Dino Melaye seeks funds via his page to help six year old boy, Nigerians react!


Nigerians have reacted once again to the latest act of Kogi Senator, Dino Melaye who one way or the other always remain in the spotlight.

The Senator on his page shared the photo of a six year old boy who according to him was a victim of the Boko Haram insurgence, the boy needs money to undergo surgery that would fix his spinal cord.

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Senator Dino Melaye informed his followers that he would be holding a fund raiser to seek funds for the little boy to enable payments for his medicals.

In a swift reaction, Nigerians have blasted Dino Melaye who according to many has shoes that would take care of the boy’s needs without any fund raising.

Others laughed that a whole Senator like Dino Melaye who is notorious for loving luxury still needs to raise funds to help a little boy.

“One of your shoes will take care of his surgery” a commenter said while many others supported this statement.

While some insulted the Senator, there were others who praised him and even asked for an account number for the donations.

See the different reactions here:

Dino Melaye