Depression: Fight Depression This Three Ways


We are pulled by our emotions here and there but not everyone can handle the weight of emotions thrown at them. People shrink from having problems bigger than them or thinking to the extreme about situations that they face. These actions often result in depression but the earlier it is tackled the better it is.  Depression can lead to mental illness and deteriorating health, here are three ways you can fight depression without medical help;

1. Tackle Your Problems One At a Time:  When you feel the weight of the world is on you and your mind is torn between too many problems, you would start to over think things and feel overwhelmed. In order to feel lighter, tackle little problems that you can immediately solve one at a time like arranging your apartment and try to find solution, if you can solve small problems then you’ll have the strength to tackle the big problems.
2. Be Open-Minded and Expressive: People won’t always understand what you’re going through but they can relate.  Allow people you trust, good friends and family have a picture of how you’re feeling. They might not have the solution to your problems but they can help you feel better. Don’t isolate yourself from people, go out, talk to friends and family, this would go a long way to keep your mood balanced.


3. Connect With God: This might sound weird or cliche to you but connecting with your spiritual side would keep you calm and relaxed. Believing in a higher source of power would lift a lot of weight off your shoulders. A simple prayer from time to time and leaving it all to God would go a long way.

Depression has led to many wasted lives and starts gradually until it gets to your core. Don’t let depression settle in, do all your best to fight against it.