Depression comes from thinking about what you don’t have — Singer Yemi Alade


    Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade recently shared her thoughts on one of the causes of depression.

    In her words ;

    Depression comes from thinking about what you don’t have and what is wrong witht the world!

    Let’s focus on what we have more please.

    She later deleted the tweet from her page due to the contrasting opinions it elicited.

    See some comments below ;

    Fargo wrote ;

    What yemi alade said about depression is the absolute truth and those are the foundation of any form of depression.

    Nifemi wrote ;

    I just saw the deleted tweet from Yemi Alade , depression is not a function of you focusing on what you don’t have, and know you can’t make yourself depressed. If you’re coping with depression please speak to your mental health care provider or send a dm

    hotcoco_100 wrote ;

    I doubt that’s only what causes depression though, alot comes from childhood trauma and repressed emotion

    Empress wrote ;

    yemi alade’s tweet is what depression really is about. act woke and deny it but that’s your problem, depression comes when you “LACK” and worry about it too much.. lack of love? lack of money? no family? dead relatives? bad grades? no rest? could be lack of anything


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