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Deeper Life Church Cancels Couple’s Wedding For Eating From Same Plate



A Nigerian couple-to-be have had their wedding allegedly cancelled by their pastor for eating from the same plate a week to their wedding day.

A Twitter user identified as @realoladele shared details of the rather strange happening. According to him, the couple were set to wed on June 9 and held their traditional wedding on June 8. During the course of the traditional wedding, they got a text saying that their wedding set to hold the next day had been suspended.

Further more, the couple were placed on ‘discipline’ by the pastor. The incident is said to have occurred at Depper Life Church in Bayelsa and the all arrangements made by the couple for the wedding day got wasted.

Oladele alleged that the bride has lost her cool and is now being attended to by a psychiatrist. It was also said that the couple’s parents visited the pastor and pleaded that the wedding should be held but he refused on the basis that the couple ate from the same plate before they were joined in holy matrimony and for that reason have to be punished.

Many social media users have protested such attitude from the church and condemned the decision of the pastor. Here are some reactions below:

They don’t wany to marry@nkemdaniel6 comman see ooo
This girl won’t you leave me and my church aloneas funny as it is but heart breaking to
The wife and husband said the chairman of the marriage stated that the reason why Bayelsa State Overseer suspended the wedding was because the couples to be ate in same plate a week ago. Which the State Overseer said it’s wrong & should never happen until after wedding day.
God doesn’t even recognise while wedding.. The only time God recognizes a marriage union is when the man has paid bride price and the necessary things, then the bride parent hands her over to the groom.. White wedding/church wedding is a white man’s culture…