Cult Gang Reportedly Kills An Entire Family Of Three


Tears flowed on Wednesday at the Ibeshe Titun, Ikorodu, Lagos State, as three family members who were murdered by some assailants, were buried. The late couple, Mr. Lucky Ebhodaghe and Mrs. Margaret Ebhodaghe, and their son, Jonathan, were buried in their house around 12pm.

Residents, community leaders and members of the Deeper Life Bible Church, where the husband was a member of the prayer team and the wife, a worker in the ushering section, could not hide their grief.

15-year-old Jonathan, the only child of the family, was participating in the ongoing West African Secondary School Certificate Examination when the incident happened. It was reported that the assailants tore the window net and cut some burglar-proof bars to gain access into the house late Monday night.

The suspects were said to have inflicted machete cuts on the family members, leaving them for dead. Their neighbours were not aware of the incident until the next day, when Jonathan’s friends and a teacher visited the house to know why he was not in school for his exams.

The visitors reportedly met the house locked and peeped through the window, from where they saw the victims in a pool of blood. Margaret was alleged to have been raped by the assailants before she was killed. Residents, who identified the killers as members of the Badoo cult, said the gang had killed many other residents in a similar way.

It is quite alarming the way crimes have been on the increase on a daily basis which leaves the common man who may not be able to afford the services of personal security aides at the mercy of losing their lives at a quick snap of the finger. It’s true that God watches over his people but the big question remains, how has the Federal Government of Nigeria improved in the securing of it’s citizens’ life and properties?