What’s A Relationship Without Communication?

couple communication
Couple talking to each other Image Source: Internet

How does a relationship survive when there is no effective communication?

Couple communication
Couple talking to each other Image Source: Internet

Have you ever been in a relationship that was founded on little or no communication and things went smoothly, no headaches? I think not. If you’ve ever been in such relationship, I’ll really like to know how you fared. Don’t leave without leaving a comment.

Just yesterday, I and my housemate had an intense conversation that got me standing for hours. I barely felt my legs ache as we were making a lot of sense on this relationship and communication thing. Communication birthed the relationship in the first place, if he did not express his feelings and you did not consent, how would you have forged a relationship?

Well, the common issue that I’ve noticed is that, some people are mistaking maturity for communication. Yeah, we are in a relationship, we should act like we have sense and we know what we’re doing, that’s maturity. I know what you want and you know what I want, I respect you and you respect me, so on and so forth. Conversing helps you to be in the know about your partners thoughts and activities.

Maturity doesn’t say, “Don’t call your partner to know how he or she is doing?”, maturity doesn’t say, “Go three days without talking to your partner” that is not maturity. Maturity is knowing what you’ve gotten into with a sense of security.

Except your partner is a mind reader or something, you have to communicate for him/her to have necessary information about that person they care about. Your partner only knows as much of what you divulge.

Communication is not limited to speaking, your body language should be able to pass on the right information especially when you both want to be coded. Using your eyes and different gestures to communicate is a form of conversing.

Text messaging and calls are the popular means of expression for many relationships since some people practice long distance relationships. Communication is basically the only prove that reminds you constantly that you’re in a relationship, it also helps you to measure if you and your partner are still on track. The moment the relationship dwindles, your expression level would reduce.

Over the years, the reason why there has been disagreements between people is some gap in communication. And another huge contributing factor to these separations, divorce and disagreements is ‘Assumption’. George Benard Shaw was clearly right when he said that,

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

lack of communication
“You’re lying to me…” Image source: Internet

Assumption has killed so many relationships, “I thought you said…” “I know you’ve made up your mind…” Jumping into conclusions without clarifications.

There are times you’ll get busy and you’ll start to neglect communication. You can bridge that communication gap. Check my post on how to bridge communication gap here.

Every healthy relationship invest in effective communication. The more you communicate the more you let each other in, the more you understand yourselves.