Commercial Vehicle Rams Into OAP Sensei Uche’s Car To Prevent His Bus From Plunging Into The Lagoon Beneath 3rd Mainland Bridge



A Danfo driver failed brake on third mainland bridge and almost plunged into the lagoon below. But the driver managed to avert this tragedy by ramming into Sensei Uche’s car while he was on his way to work.

It was a close save as can be seen from a video shared online. In the video, the commercial bus is seen precariously hanging off the side rail, just inches from plunging into the Lagoon.




Uche thanked God no lives were lost but was saddened by the damage done to his car.





Was on my way to the office on 3rd mainland bridge and this happened.
The bus behind lost its breaks and was heading into the lagoon and had to use mine to stop.
The passengers are thanking God and me that my vehicle stopped them from entering the lagoon.
Thank God no lives were lost.


Danfor driver rams into OAP Sensei Uche


Watch the video below.


Source Linda Ikeji