Cee-C Explains Why She Posted The Acid Threat Mail On Social Media


    Controversial reality TV star, Cee-C has spoken out on why she posted the acid threat mailed to her on social media and according to her, it was just to enlighten prospective Big Brother Naija contestants on the dangers of becoming a celebrity overnight.

    Cee-C made this revelation in an interview with Arise 360, and she also talked about her relationship with Leo.

    Cee-C said her aim was to make people who aspire to participate in any reality TV show know that asides the freebies and recognition you would get when you participate in such shows, there is also the ugly side of it where people would talk down at you and even threaten you.

    Cee-C explains why she posted the acid threat mail on social media

    When asked what the true position of things between herself and Leo, she gave an insight into what they both share at the moment.

    ”I will be very honest with you. I think Leo is an amazing guy. He is actually a very great guy. You know we didn’t get to know ourselves in the house but right now what we are doing is that we are getting to know ourselves.

    He is a true friend I have decided to be there for regardless of the situation. You know me, I am a very loyal person. If I say it is you, then it is you. For me outside the house, Leo is the closest. I like him and I want to be there for him”. she said

    On her quarrel with her former love interest in the house, Tobi, Cee-C said she was disappointed when she got out of the house to find out that people whom she looked up to as role models, actually wrote an epistle condemning her, forgetting that when people are locked up in a place without any escape for their emotions and all, they are bound to make mistakes.