Can A Lady Love More Than One Man?


I have seen people claiming they like two people at the same time, it sounds weird kind of, but I have experienced this and I understand how these women feel. The truth is, you can like someone else apart from your partner, you could even like three guys at once, that’s not a problem, the problem sets it when you sleep with all three of them.

There’s a difference between ‘liking’ and ‘loving’ someone, so you can like one or more guys and just love one out of the three. Out of these three men, there would be one, who blows your mind away, who makes you feel like a queen, in his arms you become butter, so there’s your answer.

Most of the time we find ourselves in this situation, these two men we like are usually opposites of each other.

Mr A is usually the good boy, he loves you, he is always there whenever you need him, he cares so much for you and treats you like a lady but good boys aren’t always enough for women. So what happens?

Most women like bad boys, we want someone that throws us a challenge, that drives us crazy in bed, so we fall for Mr B, the bad ass guy.

The bad boy knows the right buttons to press, charming a woman comes easily for him, so falling for him is quite easy.

So a woman’s heart becomes torn between Mr A and Mr B.

No matter how much you like two guys, you would have to choose one eventually, you can never love two people the same way, there is always a preference. Even your parents have a favourite child, though they may act like they love you all equal, so you have to choose and let one go.





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