Brides: Making Your Wedding Night Memorable


Your wedding day will be very special; and the night will be especially special.

And because that night [or the morning after] will be a symbolic moment, shouldn’t you make it count? Of course you should! And Boudoir pictures are exactly the things you need to forever imprint the magic of the moment in your new husband’s mind.

Boudoir is photography style which features intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and their romantic partners. It is usually more suggestive rather than explicit, so it is not about nudity.

A room full of pictures like this will make your wedding night forever memorable 

And here are good reasons why you should, too.

1. It a great gift for your groom!

Picture the pleasant surprise on his face when he walks into the room on that wedding night and sees an album-full of really sexy professional. Haha! Priceless right?

Bridal boudoir photos might just become the trendy wedding gift these days. So, stay ahead of the game, while teasing and pleasing your hubby at the same time.

2. Sets the proper tone

Of course, this is one of the biggest things that’ll be playing on your mind when posing for those pictures, and it’s totally OK.

The romance of your wedding night should be memorable and these pictures, will help to turn up the heat in the room from the very beginning.

Remember, men are visual beings [wink]

This is actually another excuse for you to lingerie shopping 

3. Opportunity to go lingerie shopping

After all, you’re going to need a few pretty little things for your wedding night and honeymoon anyway.

Getting bridal boudoir photos could also boost your confidence in your body

4. It’s also good for your confidence

A successful boudoir photo shoot is one way to deal with body issues. Getting a crop of sexy photos which blow your husband’s mind and make him want you more than ever, will surely do wonders for your confidence.

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