Beauty DIY: 7 Natural Bootylicious Ways To Make Your Butt Smooth & Clear

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The buttocks are not the most invisible place when it comes to showing off skin. Most times people tend to unconsciously ignore the butt skin while paying attention to other visible parts of the body that the skin is seen.

Should You Do It Yourself (DIY)? - When It Pays and When It Doesn't

In order to confidently put on those bikini bottoms, and walks across the beach in style; here are 7 natural ways to make your butt skin smooth and clear.

Use a sandy scrub designed for your body, such as one with brown sugar, and apply it with a bath loofah or damp washcloth to the skin of your behind. Work in a circular motion with gentle pressure to help get rid of dead skin and small bumps. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly, and pat dry.
Firm & Moisturize
Seaweed extract is a very good product to make of here. It includes numerous vitamins and minerals and is highly moisturizing, helping disperse fatty deposits. Apply a generous amount and massage slowly to let it sink in.

Regular work-out improves circulation to all muscles, including those deep inside your behind. Cardiovascular exercise, such as power walking uphill or dance class, can help activate your glutes — the muscles of your buttocks. When these muscles are strong, the skin sits more smoothly over them. Doing lunges, squats and step-ups also help build these muscles so the flab diminishes and a smoother, more muscular bum appears.

Handheld Electronic Massagers
Handheld electronic massagers can stimulate the skin and muscles of the buttocks with electrical impulses. Improved circulation can help perk up your butt’s skin and potentially smooth it out.
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A professional massage, or one you do yourself in the shower or bath, may help break down lumpy areas. Fists or palms apply the firmest pressure. This method is as old as time and is indeed tested and trusted.

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