BasketMouth Apologises Over Controversial Rape Joke


Basketmouth has come out to apologise over the controversial rape joke which had gotten a lot of people talking a few days ago.

The comedian took to his Instagram page on Monday, December 2, 2019, where he shared photos of the women who according to him are the most important people in his life. He went to caption the photo with quite a long epistle where he apologised about the said joke.

“Almost every morning in the blogs, on the news, there’s a picture of a man sitting on the floor pleading, the caption is usually in the line of ‘its the devils’ handwork’ and the topic is from underage defilement, rape or brutality against a woman or minor. I live in this same world with my most prized possessions my wife, my two daughters, my sisters and women who have built me into the man I am…”

Basketmouth’s statement is coming days after it was reported that he had been dropped as an ambassador to sex and gender-based violence in the European Union over a joke he made about rape.
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