Bad Day For An Akwa Ibom State University Female Student See Why (Video)


An Akwa Ibom State University female student was caught on camera arguing with a man in front of the school gate claiming the man contracted her for the night and that her pay for servicing (sex) him all through the night is #20,000

The young man who said she did not tell him price when he picked her inside the school compound claimed he saw her as a student he could mingle with and not a prostitute that has price tag for every night she spends out with a man.

He gave her #2,000 saying he didn’t do anything with her as he is not feeling too well and  that is what he is willing to give her for keeping him company for the night.  The girl refused, saying her pay is #20,000

This argument lasted for almost an hour, gathering crowd until the school security got involved and called the police to intervene as the two could not reach a compromise

See video:

Video: "My money is ₦20,000".. Akwa Ibom State University Female Student tells Guy who gave her ₦1,000 after they had sex. Credits: insideuyo

Posted by on Monday, August 7, 2017