Arsenal Players Are Fed Up With Arsene Wenger


Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer, has state that Arsenal players are fed up with Arsene Wenger’s voice.

The Gunners slipped to yet another defeat on Sunday, losing 2-1 to Brighton.

It was their eighth loss of 2018 and their fourth in a row – something that has never happened since 2002.

Many are questioning whether Wenger should stay on, but Shearer fears that the Frenchman has lost the players.

Shearer told the BBC, “Arsene Wenger is sat there looking a very worried man and so he should be.

“When you’re being beaten by Spurs, Ostersund and Man City as they have been, as a manager you’re looking towards your players and you’re saying ‘come one guys, I’ve had so much criticism the last couple of weeks, is there any danger of you helping me out here?’

And he got that reaction from the Arsenal players today.

“That tells me that they’re not listening, they’re fed up with his voice in training anymore and of course there are big problems in that football club.

Speaking after the defeat, the Frenchman conceded that finishing in the top four is now virtually impossible.

“It is very difficult, nearly impossible now, we are too far behind,’ Wenger said. I think it has already gone before this but mathematically with five teams in front of us, we need two teams to collapse not one.”