We are watching Nigeria slip into anarchy – Actress Rita Dominic


    Actress Rita Dominic has expressed her concerns about the current state of the nation.

    In a tweet posted today May 31, Rita said everyone is watching Nigeria slip into anarchy.

    Her tweet reads

    In Response to this, the Following fan commented

    @Nathanieliorts: Who is actually the innocent? Those ones that are killing Police and Army? Burning government institution? The issue is they fair to learn, Northeast is a lesson to everybody to learn but no, someone is in London Giving order, good luck to everybody but Nigeria will survive.

    @Mistemi: They are insecure because they feel threatened at the rate at which people question their rule… So because they are cowards, they turned to violence and sees it as the only way to control learned, intelligent, good and law abiding citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria