Africa Ranks Top On Newborn Mortality Index


Africa is failing babies as continent ranks top on newborn mortality index, a report released by the united nations children’s fund (UNICEF) indicates that although there is a high global newborn mortality rate of  2.6 million, the situation is alarming in lower-income countries.

The report has named the African continent as the most dangerous place on earth to be born. on the global line, there is an average of 27 deaths out of 1,000 newborn babies.

The Central African Republic has the highest newborn mortality rate in Africa and record over 42 deaths in 1,000 births, UNICEF executive director Henrietta Fore believes that the situation can be prevented.

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“The number of deaths of children under five has halved in the past quarter of a century, but clearly we are failing babies in the world’s poorest countries,” Fore said.

According to the report, Pakistan has the worst newborn fatality rate in the world, losing 42.6 infants per 1,000, but the next 10 countries on the list are all in Africa. South Africa is rated at number 11, with a mortality rate of 12.4 per 1,000.

Countries with the highest newborn mortality rates according to UNICEF report:

Pakistan – 45.6

Central African Republic – 42.3

Afghanistan – 40

Somalia – 38.8

Lesotho – 38.5

Guinea-Bissau – 38.2

South Sudan – 37.9

Ivory Coast – 36.6

Mali – 35.7

Chad – 35.1

South Africa – 12.4