A Little Look Into The American Politics


Trump on Tuesday delivered a speech many see as his normal talking point that won him the presidency through the electoral college , even though he lost the popular votes with close to 3 million votes .

He stated that he will repeal and replace Obama care and democrats are not happy .Then I am like let them allow him do it . If people lose their insurance plus their pre-existing coverage , that will be an advantage to democrat to win in the next election , so why are they seriously against it ? Let the republicans dig their graves by themselves why helping them ?

He has backtracked on tough immigration stance and now rolling out a part way to legal status but not citizenship. Let him do it and lets see how successful he will be .

But most of the things he said are bereft of facts . Like when he said immigrants are the ones committing crimes which.statistics have proven not true .

Although he behaved more presidential and polished a far distant from his eratic nature which is a good sign . He needs to keep doing it like this. But like Maya Angelou said ” if a man show you who he is believe him first time”. Trump may hardly stay on message before he implode again .

“One thing I see in all this is that economic policies do not affect hardworking people only lazy people are affected any where in the world”… Innocent Tino.

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