7 Most Mysterious Places In The World/ Photos

    7 Of The Scariest Places On Earth

    There are really wierd and mysterious places in the world that can freak you out, no matter how hard you are.

    Here are some of the scariest places on planet earth.

     1. The Island Of Dolls, Mexico


    2. Pluckley village

    Pluckley is England’s most haunted village. Rumour has it that it has more than 12 official ghosts in residence – including a Highwayman and a Red lady.


    3. Hashima Island, Japan

    It is believed to be haunted.


    4. Catacombs of France, Paris

    This is an underground labyrinth filled with bones and skulls.


    5. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa

    A big, black dog is said to greet visitors before disappearing into thin air.


    6. Door To Hell, Turkmenistan


    7. Hanging coffins of Sagada, Philippines

    People in this region don’t bury their dead. They hang their coffins up instead.