5 Signs That You’re Proud According To Nigerian Standards


    Passing snide comments and judgement is not foreign to Nigerians. It comes naturally to judge people by their actions especially when it not pleasing by individual standards. In this case, you are either the judge or you have been a victim of the judgement.

    This aspect of judgement from people actually amuses me and I’m pretty sure you can relate. Here are five (5) signs that you are proud according to Nigerian standards.

    1. You are constantly on your phone during a discussion

    Well, if you love being on your phone like every second of the day, you are likely to be seen as a proud person according to Nigerian standards. You do not contribute during discussions with friends or your ears are always plugged, that might just land you in that proud category.

    1. You have an accent

    Nigerians don’t take it lightly with other Nigerians that have either an American or British accent. The first thought that comes to mind is either you are faking it or you are just showing off. Some take their time to listen carefully, waiting for the moment you slip. By Nigerian standards, you’re so proud.

    1. You are intelligent and it’s obvious!

    How dare you make people around you feel less smart? You would have many judgements passed at you. “What is he feeling like?” “We know she knows everything…Madam too-know” These sound like thoughts that go through the mind of a typical Nigerian that thinks you are proud and you would be doing yourself a lot of harm than good when you correct them about something. “Who asked you?”

    1. You don’t respond to your messages or accept requests on social media

    Have you ever gotten a message on Facebook chat that says you are proud for refusing to respond to their messages? I have been there. It’s funny how people are quick to judge you because of that. They go ranting on your timeline if possible. When you don’t accept friend requests that might also get them to say you are proud. The sad part is that, you never saw those messages or requests but who are you to change their minds.

    1. You don’t give out your contact

    Most ladies can relate to this. It sounds like a broken record every time a guy says I’m proud for deciding not to give him my mobile number. Like every guy thinks that it shouldn’t be a big deal and I’m wondering who decides if it’s a big deal. So all the sisters acting ‘hard to get’ because you are not giving out your contact, you are officially a proud Nigerian. Lol!!!




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