5 Sexy Ways To Style Your Palazzo Pants | Photos

5 Sexy Ways To Style Your Palazzo Pants | Photos

Hey Guys! Okay so I have been seeing a lot of people put on palazzo pants of recent, and sometimes I love the look and other times I do not. And I am thinking to myself, “why not put up something about how to slay in a palazzo pant?”

So here you have it guys.

I do not think some kind of tops are to be worn with palazzo. I would rather wear a body-hug kinda top to an overly free one, because a palazzo pant is big enough. Lol. Although there are a few exceptions to some big shirts that can be worn and I would share that here too.

Let’s start with our list already. So here are different ways to look sexy in a palazzo pant:

1. With a bikini top/singlet (and a jacket if you want to)

Notice how @stylepantry, @sinculpa and @iamdodos slayed the looks!!!

L-R Folake Huntoon, Moda Ropa Y Accesorios, Tosin Alexandriah Sho-Silva,

2. With a cape crop top I’m so in love with this particular look on @iamdodos! And it just shows that the cape can be long or short at the back, and so preferably short in front.

Alexandriah Sho-Silva (@iamdodos)

3. With an off shoulder top Go @stylepantry! Go @stylepantry! You need no words to tell that this is so beautiful.

Folake Huntoon (@stylepantry)

4. With a big shirt Again we have @stylepantry and @iamdodos slaying this look! It’s so obvious that they love palazzo pants. Lol, you should too. So like I said earlier, these are exceptions to rocking big shirts and palazzo.

L-R Funke Huntoon, Tosin Alexandriah Sho-Silva

5. With a peplum top The final on the list is a peplum top and we have @stylepantry serving us this hot look!

Folake Huntoon (@stylepantry)





Credit: Kamdora