5 Movies To Watch After A Long Day At Work


Your day at work might have taken a crazy turn, you’re tired and spent but want to ‘chillax’ after the long day. There’s something you can do, watch movies!

Seeing a movie can take your mind off work and this would help you to relax. These movies are worth your time and would definitely put you in a better mood. Here’s five movies you can watch…

  1. Rat Race

Beautiful comedy by Jerry Zucker about people who would do anything for money. You’ll have a good laugh and it would definitely cheer you up.

2. Brooklyn

It is the story of a young woman named Eilish who decided to leave her home in an Irish village and go to America. Ellis has to learn to cope with where she has found herself, then she falls in love but she had to make a decision to return back to her homeland at some point.

3. Just Love Me – Tylko mnie kochaj


A kind movie of Polish production. Michal, the main character, is a successful architect. At first glance, he has everything a person can dream of. But he’s alone, and he spends his evenings watching TV. Yet his routine comes to an end when a small girl comes to his house and says he’s her dad.

4. Age of Adaline

There’s nothing to hide: almost all women dream to always stay young and beautiful. The main character of this movie gets this wonderful chance. But is it really such a big dream — to watch year after year how all the people she loves get older and die? If you’ve watched this before, you’ll agree that it is a movie you want to watch again.

5. New York Minute

What can happen in just one day? A lot of things, in fact, and they can be really unexpected! Jane and Roxy, twin sisters, had exactly one of those days full of “surprises.” Each of them had her own really important plans for this day, but at one point things just got out of hand.

Go home and enjoy!

Sources: Bright Side and Universal Pictures