5 Great Conversation Starter That Would Help Your Communication


    Many people find it difficult to start a conversation and that can be a huge problem especially for guys. Everyone should be able to start a conversation and keep it interesting. There are a lot of conversation starters that you can try to speak to a stranger. Here are five conversation starters you can try:

    1. Asking For Help: This is likely to work like 90% of the time because the person feels the need to assist you in any way. Asking for help in a polite manner would do you a lot of good. No harm in asking and don’t be offended when the response is negative, just try some other trick next time (that’s if it’s still the same person). For example, you are at a supermarket and don’t know what toothpaste is good for sensitive gums, ask a lady shopping for toothpaste on your roll, that way she would give you tons of information about her toothpaste and may not end up answering your questions.
    2. Don’t Compliment The Looks, Compliment Qualities: Always look beyond the physical appearance, tap into the words they speak, their intelligence, charisma and personality. This gives you an edge and makes you unforgettable. This works a lot with the ladies.
    3. Contribute to an Ongoing Conversation Politely: This would be cool if you are knowledgeable about the subject matter. Learn to chip in into the conversation politely, you can ask if you’re permitted to add one or two things. Don’t talk too much and don’t sound offensive.
    4. Be Simple Yet Bold: If you decide to say hi, be simple but be bold about it. Don’t sound nervous and don’t sound pushy. Be casual about your approach, once you get that attention don’t let it go.
    5. Tell a funny joke: Be sure you can tell that joke and tell it well. Tell a joke you’re sure is funny, make sure it’s a short joke and the joke is obvious. Girls are easily attracted to funny guys. If you’re a guy, you would surely like a funny girl.


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