5 Girlfriends You Should Date For A Lit Sex In Your Relationship


5 girlfriends that guarantee lit sex in your relationship always, take sex out of relationships and marriages and what you have left might likely amount to much.

Relationships are not just about sex, of course, but as a thing, it’s such a fantastic bonding tool between partners and especially when done well, it is magical and could light up the relationship in many enchanting ways.

 So for men, who value and hope for something more that the ordinary when it comes to making love in their relationships, one of these types of women is the best you’d be fortunate to have as a partner.

 Open minded

It is one thing to have sexpectations and a totally different thing to have those expectations met, if your partner is always willing to try new things and do new things with you, you are one of the lucky ones.

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 The experienced one

The illogical stereotype of women who know their way around sex as ‘loose hoes’ is one that needs to be boxed and shipped to abyss. ASAP.

Being an experienced guy at sex earns great marks, same should apply for women, you should count yourself lucky if your woman knows just the right things to touch and tick to set your heart racing pleasurably.

The vocal one

Count yourself lucky if you get a woman who is expressive concerning her needs and what she expects of you during sex.

This trait, like other ones needed in the sac, will require sexual confidence on her part, and women who have come to terms with this aspect of their sexuality are always amazing partners to have.

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She’s the type who does not mind doing it anywhere or at any time, opening you to a world of different possibilities and experiences, if she’s a lady in the street and freak in the sheets who has the wildest, most adventurous tendencies in the sac, she’s a gem.

The one whose love language is physical touch

If your girl’s love language is physical touch and you understand this, you are at an advantage too.