A 26-Year-Old Sydney Millionaire Is In Search Of A Personal Assistant To Travel The World With Him



Sydney millionaire is looking for a

A 26-year-old Sydney millionaire is in search of a personal assistant to travel the world with him as he grows his e-commerce and business coaching companies.

Matthew Lepre has spent the past year exploring Japan, Dubai, Hawaii, and his home city of Sydney, and he’s been making money from these travels.

He’s now looking to hire someone to take up the “coolest job in the world”. He needs an assistant who’ll be paid $52,000 (base rate) a year to help him take care of business in countries all around the world.

He told FEMAIL: “Salary will be based on the person’s experience but the base rate is in addition to travel and accommodation expenses. Health insurance benefits are paid for by me separately.”


Sydney millionaire is looking for a


Matt is an e-commerce professional who makes a $120,000 a month. He’s also been working on projects which help him help others to also build their wealth. He wants a new team member who will make sure his businesses keep running while he’s travelling as well as helping to promote his newest ventures.

He said his new employee could expect to travel to a different country every few months so they’d need a valid passport for the next year.


Sydney millionaire is looking for a


He said the sort of person that would be perfect for the job needs to not only love traveling but be able to carry out a host of other duties.

“They should be computer savvy, have proven social media capabilities, organized, willing to learn and ambitious.”


Sydney millionaire is looking for a


Matt added:

‘m looking for someone to join in all of my adventures. I love what I do, and I love exploring new places.
But life is now definitely getting busy and I’m looking for a reliable person to assist me with my day to day business activities, while we are on the go.

Matt who heads up four successful e-commerce stores says the sort of person he really needs by his side should be someone who is willing to step outside their comfort zone.

He said: “They would have to be someone who works hard but is also fun and spontaneous.”


Sydney millionaire is looking for a


Web users have flooded Matt’s Instagram account to indicate interest in being his assistant.


Sydney millionaire is looking for a



by Linda Ikeji